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Objection-Aru! 2

2008-04-09 03:46:56 by Neceron

So as you've probably gathered, I'm working on the Next Objection-Aru!.
At the moment, I've gotten the Script Complete, and now i'm awaiting voices. So yes~ This may be a while.

Okay! Objection-Aru! 2 is basically gonna be a series of short animations providing some form of humor and laughs in general. This next one is gonna be bigger than the previous Objection-Aru! in more ways that one!
Bigger Resolution, Bigger characters, Bigger filesize, Bigger loading times! All these will be happening! So just sorta stay tuned and be patient Because I have college and Videogames to complete.

Later, Everyone! 8DD


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2008-04-09 07:25:10

Good luck with it!